RFI Enhancements

One of the most commonly used areas of TriBuild is the RFIs module for sending and tracking RFIs.

In this weeks release we have a few enhancements to make RFIs in TriBuild that much better to use.

Custom Templates
Many of you commented that our off the shelf RFI template was good, but....

Today we are happy to announce that if you want to make changes to the standard TriBuild RFI template, or even start from scratch and build your own from the ground up, you can do so as we now support Custom RFI Templates.

Copy View Only Link
A common request we had was to be able to quickly and easily create a link to view an RFI that could be emailed or included in other documents. Well now you can with the "Create Link" option available in the action icon window.

Simply clicking on "Create Link" will now generate a link to the RFI that you can send to anyone via email or embed in documents. It creates an uneditable, view only link to the doc.

Removed TriBuild Text from RFI Cover Letter
There was a reference to TriBuild on the cover letter sent with your RFIs that could have caused confusion where the recipient may have thought the document was sent from TriBuild. That is now removed and any reference of TriBuild is now replaced with the senders name.

Email Replies only to the RFI Originator
When an RFI is created and sent via email to multiple recipients, our default "reply to" is that everyone who received a copy of the initial RFI email would also get copied on the reply.

This was something that many of you wanted to see changed, so with this release the default setting for the "reply to" is that it will only go to the person that sent the original email.

Export to Excel Improvements (Work in Progress)

Those heavy Excel users out there will be happy to see the progress we are making on the Excel exports from log screens.

Up until now if you had modified the filters on screen to see what was important to you, and then you exported that to Excel, you would find that we had exported all data, not just the filters.

We have been progressively improving that so what you see on screen is what you get in the Excel import. We have rolled this improvement out to:

  • RFIs
  • Field Reporting, and
  • Subcontracts

and will continue to add this to the remainder of the product over time.

Field Reporting

A big request from those of you utilizing the Field Reporting functionality in TriBuild was to have an area to record internal (private) notes on the reports.

This has now been added. The "Progress" notes are visible to anyone who will receive a copy of the report, and the section called "Internal Notes" will not be included in the emails or the printed documents, and therefore remain private.

Improvements & Fixes in Release 20.03.1

  • Field Reporting - Notification Field. It appears that when selecting someone to receive a notification of the submission of a Field Report by email, it wasn't actually notifying the person. That's been rectified, and now the person you want to be notified will be!
  • RFI Response Tool Tip. When a Project Viewer user received an RFI and clicked the Response / Comment function it was providing an error message that was not correct. We have cleaned up the error messages.
  • Log Screens not Filtering Numerically. On log screens the use of alphanumeric numbers meant that it would not always display in a numeric sequence when selected to filter that way. That's fixed and we can happily say your numbers are in order. 

Live Chat to Learn More

As always - if you have any questions or want some training around these new features & improvements - ask the helpful Customer Success team through the live chat bubble available to you on every page of the TriBuild product or help guide.

Here is the guide to using the Live Chat & Support function.

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