There’s nothing like that immediate, one-to-one support experience, and we’re excited to be launching a brand new Chat feature directly in TriBuild that makes that a reality!

The TriBuild Chat bubble will appear on every page inside the TriBuild product to make it easier for you to access help when you need, and to allow you to keep up to date with the changes being made to the product on a regular basis.

Look out for the Chat bubble in the bottom right corner of every TriBuild page:

To engage with TriBuild via the Chat bubble, simply give it a quick click and it will expand out:

When you have the Chat bubble expanded you engage in a number of ways:

Live Chat
During our office open hours (7am to 5pm Mountain Time) you will be able to have a conversation directly with one of our team who will try and help you solve your immediate needs.

Outside of office hours you will be able to leave a message so that we can respond to you as soon as we are open again. 

Search the TriBuild Knowledge Base
We have a well built out library of content on how to use TriBuild. Sometimes it's as easy as searching for a `how to' and we will serve up an article that might help.

Announcements & New Features
We will also post announcements in the Chat window to tell you what's new in TriBuild, what new features or enhancements we have made, as well as any other news that you may find relevant.

Close the Chat
Then when you are finished accessing the help you need - simply click the x at the bottom and it will collapse to just the Chat bubble, waiting for the next time you need us.

You can still access the Knowledge Base directly at any time by clicking on the question mark icon at the top left of the page.

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