As a constantly evolving cloud software solution for the construction industry, you may sometimes find that you need help on how part of the TriBuild software works.

For those cases we have the TriBuild Knowledge Base there to provide you with articles that explain the functionality so you can get the best out of the software.

You can access the Knowledge Base two ways:

  1. When logged into TriBuild, simply click the ? icon at the top right of any page which will open you straight into the Knowledge Base in a new browser tab.

  2. If not logged into TriBuild, simply navigate to and you will be able to access all the information there.

Browsing & Searching

How to Browse Articles

When you are in the Knowledge Base you can browse the categories and find articles that are related to your needs, or you can search for specific information.

When browsing, most of the article categories are structured and ordered in the same way they are within the TriBuild product. So for example if you were looking for articles on RFIs you would scroll down to the and click on the Documentation category:

Then you can review the articles in the RFI section:


How to Search Articles

If you have a specific need, you can search for that in the Knowledge Base. There are two ways to search:

  1. At the top of the Knowledge Base you will see a search bar, simply type in your request and then see the articles that are related to that search

  2. You can also search from with the Chat function:

When you select a result for a search in the Chat function, it will display the result directly within the Chat window:

What to do if you need more help?

If you need further assistance, be sure to connect up with the TriBuild Customer Success team - read on here about the 3 ways to connect with Customer Success.

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