Bi-Weekly Releases

Commencing Thursday 23rd January 2020, TriBuild is moving to a bi-weekly software release cycle.

This means that every second Thursday we will be publishing changes to the TriBuild Construction Management software. Each release will vary and may include new features or functions, some minor improvements, and some fixes.

Because it is cloud based software, there is nothing you need to do in order to access the new features or functions - it will automatically be available in your system the next time you use it.

Each time we release new features or functions we will provide details around the changes in our help articles, and for important changes we will use the product tour functions that you have probably seen already.

We hope that these frequent improvements makes your experience with TriBuild even better and that it helps you run better projects.


Improvements in Release 20.02.1

  • Choose your own Subcontract Change Order Number - previously the change order numbers on Subcontractors would always default to the TriBuild numbering system - but now you are free to change them to whatever makes you or your contractor happy!
  • The Subcontract Form now allows you to select specifications from the Project Spec section and choose multiple specs to include in that form. 
  • When creating a Subcontract and preparing to send it, the "From" field wasn't being populated, forcing users to add themselves. Now it will auto populate with the logged in user, and of course you can then still change it some one else if needed.
  •  It seemed we were stuck in a time warp when adding or editing a Company as the old CSI Division Codes were showing - but we are now back in 2020 and have the current CSI Division Codes displaying in the drop down list now.
  • Plus other minor fixes.

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