In this release, we have a number of new features, enhancements, and improvements going into TriBuild as of Nov 4th 2019. Here's whats new.

Introduction of Version Numbers

From this release we will be introducing version numbers to make it easier for you to track what is being released and when, this will also help us support our clients by being able to verify what is active or not in the their system.

There isn't anything for you to do, and it won't have any affect on your use of TriBuild Construction Management - that's the beauty of cloud software, you are always updated to the latest version!

Left Hand Menu Changes

The most noticeable changes this release is the improvements to the Left Hand menu. These changes will give you a better organized, less cluttered view of your projects.

Here are the highlights:

Main Screen – Opportunities are now called Bids/Opportunities.  We have removed the project list from the left hand menu.  To navigate to your projects (Bid/Opportunities or Active Projects) the user can select either the menu header, or use the drop down menu in the site navigation tool bar.


Bids/Opportunities – Additional modules added to this section include Request For Information (RFIs) and Correspondence documentation (this is NEW read more below).  This provides more functionality for projects in the bid phase than was available before.


Active Projects – We have introduced menu headers to cleanup and organize the modules. 

Project Summary module is all by it’s lonesome.  Where as the Documentation menu header includes the “non-money” modules.



Field Reporting menu header includes the Field Tools. This is not a new feature release but it did deserve a mention. 

Procurement menu header is not a new feature, but we have included the subcontract module.  the Procurement menu is where goods and services are bought or subcontracted.



Financials menu header include the “money” modules where you track financial requirements of the project.  Even though the Procurement menu technically contains “money” modules, some users may have access to Procurement and not project financials so it makes sense to separate them.


Correspondence Module - NEW

The newest module we have added is the Correspondence module; the user will be able to record letters, both formal and causal, to the project team. This allows all project correspondence to be centrally stored against the project so that everyone who needs to know what is happening will have full visibility.

The Correspondence module is located in under the Documentation menu header.

The Correspondence log screen will display all Letter documentation in a descending order (the most recent on top).  By clicking the add Correspondence button the user will pull up the letter template.

There are 2 tabs (Correspondence Details and Document).  On the Correspondence Details tab; all field with a star are required and must be filled in.

The Document tab allows the user to review the letter before emailing.  The 'yellow' fields pull information entered into the Correspondence Details tab, user can select a custom template (created earlier) by selecting the Choose Template button.


To learn more go to the 'What is the Correspondence Module' article.


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