Rarely in this day and age does a subcontract agreement stay the same as the day it was issued.  Changes happen; these changes can be due to materials, procedure, site conditions, etc... Subcontract Change Orders (SCCO) allows for proper tracking of scope of work, and contract values in an ever changing construction project.

Where are SCCOs located?

Subcontract Change Orders are located at the project level in the Subcontract module under the Procurement menu header.

From the Subcontract log select the Action icon to the right of the subcontract which a change order needs to be applied, in the popup window select the 'add change order' option.

This will pull up the Subcontract change order template.  There are 2 tabs for a Subcontract Change Order.

  • SCCO Details Tab - Allows the user to define the specific details for the change 
  • Document Tab - The default SCCO template is editable by the user on the fly, or the user can select a predefined subcontract change order template they have created previously.

Emailing and Storing the Subcontract Change Order:

To email the document; the user needs to select the Preview and Send button located in the lower right hand corner.  There are 3 tabs; the subcontract change order document tab allows the user to review the SCCO before sending it.

The Commit and Email tab; allows the user to send the SCCO to the addressed contact from the SCCO Details tab.

The Commit and Print tab; allows the user to just store the document without emailing.

All subcontract change orders are associated to the original subcontract document.  A running total is displayed on the main Subcontract Log screen.


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