Opportunity Projects / Bid Invitations:

The Opportunity projects are being enhanced with the Bid Invitations.  We’re in the final testing phase right now and expect release to this week.  We think you’ll find it very useful and look forward to your feedback. To give you an idea of the functionality, I’ve provided a few screenshots from our test server:


This is the Log of the Bid Invitations sent.  You’re able to send a bid invites to multiple parties at once and you can send multiple bid invites per project.

This the screen for creating a new Bid Invitation.  You can send to multiple people, add details and upload documents to the bid invitation.

This is an example of a Bid Invitation.  You’ll be able to customize your bid invites using the template function that we utilize in other parts of the system.  Recipients can respond to the invite and upload their proposals to the system without having to login.  All responses will be logged on to the Bid Log.



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