In this release, we have a number of new features, enhancements, and improvements going into TriBuild as of Jan 7th 2020. Here's whats new:

Invoicing Tracking for Purchase Orders and Subcontracts

We have introduced the ability to tracking invoice for Purchase Orders and Subcontracts.  the Invoice Tracking module is located at the project level under the Financial menu header.

The invoices can be uploaded in groups from 1 to 5 at one time.  The invoices can be applied to any Purchase Order or subcontract created on that project.

All invoicing is recorded in the Invoice Log.


  • Contracts Module - for new project without a contract the Action icon was not lining up correctly with the column headers.  We have now made the columns and rows line up.
  • Directory By People - The filter by company drop down menu now sorts alphabetically
  • Change Management - The Submitted PCO's - Pending amount is now calculating the value of all proposed change orders in the log that have a status of Submitted.
  • Active Project List - The Active Project List now displays project number, project manager, address, and customer fields 
  • Billings and Contract Revisions - Contract Revisions with the wrong date were not appearing on the application for payment.
  • RFI Attachments - Attachments to RFI documents were appearing twice on the printed view of the RFI document.


  • Auto-Generated Passwords - We have introduced the ability to have an auto-generated password and welcome email for new users only.
  • Request for Information module - We have added a button to the RFI Response page which allows a user to return to the RFI log screen.
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