To log an invoice the user must navigate to the new Invoice Tracking module located at the project level under the Procurement menu header.

The user must select the Add Invoice button located in the upper right hand corner of the Invoice log screen.

The screen will change and the Invoice Add screen will appear.  The user is able to log a total of 5 invoices at one time:

  • Default Approver set to (uncheck to set each) - This drop down menu allows the user to assign the approver for all invoices uploaded during this session.  If the field is left blank, or the check box is unchecked, the user must manually select the approver for each invoice.
  • Add Files button - Allows the user to upload up to 5 pdf files at one time.

Once the invoices have been uploaded, each file will have it's own fields to be populated.  Each file uploaded will have the name of the file, a date and time stamp, and the name of the user who uploaded the files.  All fields are required:

  • File Id - Is an internal numbering system from the database.  This is auto populated.
  • PO/Subcontract - Is a drop down menu which will display all purchase orders and subcontracts created on the selected project.
  • Invoice Number - Is a manual entry field; the user must enter in the number of the invoice uploaded
  • Invoice Date - The date on the invoice. The user must use the calendar icon next to the date field to enter in a date.
  • Due Date - The date the invoice is to be paid. The user must use the calendar icon next to the date field to enter in a date.
  • Invoice Amount - Is the dollar amount on the invoice before taxes, fees and freight
  • Tax - Is the amount of taxes charged on the invoice.
  • Fees/Freight - Is for any additional charges above the material amount and taxes.
  • Assigned To - Will default to the approver selected above, or is manually entered by the user.
  • Action Icon - Looks like a gear; allows the user to delete any files added by mistake.

When ready the user selects the Update button to complete the process, and log all of these invoices.

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