When logging an invoice the user would have selected whom was required to approved the dollar amount of the invoice for payment.  To approve an existing invoice the user must navigate to the Invoice module, under the Procurement menu header at the project level.

From the invoice log page; the user selects the action icon located all the way to the right hand side of the invoice line item.  In the window the user clicks on the Respond option.

From the Invoice Respond page the user can:

  1. Status - Is a predefined list Waiting, On Hold, Rejected, Approved and Paid.  Whatever is selected here will be displayed on the Invoice Log screen.
  2. Approved Amount - TriBuild does not assume the dollar amount approved for payment, the user must enter in a dollar amount to be paid.  This amount will be populated in either Purchase Order or Subcontracts modules.
  3. Comments - Is a simple text field which allows the user the ability to enter in specific comments about this invoice.

There are no required fields on this template.  To complete the approval the user must select the Save button located in the lower right hand corner.

The invoice Log screen will automatically update with the approved amount, comments, and status.

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