Invoices which need to be applied to an existing Purchase Order or Subcontract in TBCM must use the Invoicing module located at the project level under the Procurement menu header.

Invoice Log

All invoices for either purchase orders and/or subcontracts are recorded in the same place.  Select the 'Add Invoice' button to add new invoices.

  • The Default Approver check box is defaulted to be selected; if the invoices which are being uploaded require different people to approve them, uncheck this box.
  • The Attachments area is where the user will be uploading the invoices

A user can upload a total of 5 invoices at one time.  To assign an invoice to a purchase order or subcontract, the user must select from the PO/Subcontract drop down menu.

  • Invoice Number - Is the invoice number
  • Invoice Date - Is the date on the invoice
  • Due Date - Date the invoice is expected to be paid
  • Invoice Amount - Is the dollar amount before taxes and additional charges
  • Tax - Is the dollar amount of the taxes only
  • Fees/Freight - Is a dollar amount for additional charges 
  • Assigned To - Is a drop down menu listing off your employees, the default is from the Default Approver field

To store these invoices click the Update button located in the lower right hand corner of the Invoice add screen.

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