What are PO MODS?

When a purchase order has been submitted and accepted, that purchase order becomes a legally binding contract.  To make changes to any contract a change order must be issued, in the case of a Purchase Order a PO revision needs to be created.

How to create a PO Revision

The user must navigate to the Purchase Order module under the procurement menu header at the project level.

To the right of each purchase order document there is an Action icon (looks like a gear).  The Action icon has a sub menu for additional functions.  To make a change to a PO the document must be in a locked state (i.e. emailed or printed).  In the Action icon menu the user must select the Revise Purchase Order function.

The user can make modification to all tabs if need be.  To add line items to the bill of material the user must select the Line Items button in the upper right hand corner.

This will bring up the PO BOM, and the user will be able to make changes to the existing line items by clicking on the description, or by clicking on the Add Line Item button.  Once all changes have been made the user clicks on the View button in the upper right hand corner to review the PO before emailing or printing.  The title of the Purchase Order document will change to Purchase Order Revision.

The revised PO still must be emailed or printed to lock the document.

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