Company Activities are a company specific, standardized list of items that are common to the type of work the company performs.  Once set-up, it can be used to import into projects to reference, documents and track costs.

In the Admin section of TriBuild CM is the Activities & Cost Codes function, an easy to use tool to set-up and manage up a company specific list of activities common to the work the company performs.

Once an activity is set up, you can assign cost codes to each activity cost type so costs can be tracked throughout the life of the project.

Activity Manager allows users with appropriate permissions to set up and manage the specs at the company level. Users with project level permissions can import the relevant specs into a project to set-up the Activity Log and Budget quickly and easily.

Benefits of the Company Activities

  1. Import items into the project Activity Log so documents and data can be linked to spec items in the project.
  2. Reduce double entry of data throughout the project.
  3. Set up the project Budget to automatically track and update with costs applied at the project level.


A plumbing contractor furnishes and install plumbing fixtures on the majority of projects. Their Company Activity may include the following items under the Plumbing Fixtures category:

22.42 - Plumbing Fixtures - WC-1 Water Closet - WC-2 Water Closet - L-1 Lavatory - L-2 Lavatory - DWH-1 Domestic Water Heater - DWH-2 Domestic Water Heater

Once set-up, activities can be imported to the project Activity Log. This reduces the amount of time it takes to set up the project as well as reducing double entry of data through the project.  Activity Log items can be tagged (referenced) from other documents and added to documents, such as submittals, RFIs, change orders, etc.

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