Custom form documents (aka Custom Templates) are available within various modules of TriBuild Construction Management. The templates provide the ability to create custom documents to best meet the needs of your company, the project, the client, etc. Currently, custom templates are available in the following modules:

- Subcontracts
- Field Reports (Issues, Delays, Field Report, Master Field Reports)
- Change Order Management (Change Order Proposals and Request for Pricing)

Access the Manage Templates section in the Admin Settings to create and manage all custom templates.

Things to Consider:

  • Base template are the standard templates that are loaded in the system and can't be edited or deleted.
  • To create a new template that is specific for your company, use the "copy to new" function of an existing template to create a new template.
  • If a user has the ability to select a template when creating a document, they have permission to manage the templates.
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