Within the Introduction email; TriBuild sends a Directory Import Template, we can upload the excel file on the back-end.  Just update the template with all of your companies and contacts data, keeping these considerations in mind:

Template Considerations

You must submit your completed template to TriBuild in XLSX or CSV format.  You must input your user data using the column headers and column order defined in the template.  To avoid import errors, do NOT add blank columns and do NOT add new data columns.

Considerations for Row Data

Each row in the table corresponds to an individual user.  There is no limit to the number of rows you can import.  However, rows must not be blank.  At a minimum, each row must include these required columns:

  1. First Name,
  2. Last Name, and
  3. A unique Email address

Within each row, you may leave other columns and cells blank.  Remove all special/hidden characters and text from the file.  If you used a cut-and-paste operation to move data between Microsoft Word and Excel, you may have inadvertently pasted hidden characters and text into your file.  This can interfere with the import process and often leads to import errors.

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