Contact people are very important; documents are not sent to companies, they are sent to people at the company.  TriBuild CM offers a sevice where all contacts can be uploaded to your TBCM site, but the user is able to add new contacts as needed.


The Directory icon is located in the site navigation, and in the submenu select the people option.

Address Book/People

All contacts for all companies entered into your TBCM site  are avilable here, this is more of a bucket type of display.  Contacts are sorted numeric/alpha by last name, the filters are the same as in the Company section of the directory.  To add a new contact person the user must click the 'Add Person' button located in the upper right hand corner.

Address Book/Add Person

There are 2 tabs; Contact and Access:  The only required information is located on the Contact tab.


  • Company - Is a reqired field; all contacts must be assigned to a company.
  • Location - Is a required field; the user can select whcih location (if there are multiples) this contact belongs to.
  • First Name - Is a required field.
  • Last Name - Is a required field.
  • Addresses - Is not a required field; if the user does not define a specific address for the user, the company address information will be the default.
  • Title - Is not a required field.
  • Email - Is not a required field, but it is if the user wants to email this contact any documentation.
  • Photo - Is an optional field which allows a user to attach a photo of the contact.

The user can select one of the buttons in the lower right hand corner Save, Save and Add Another, or Cancel.  The Contact tab has the only required information, and the user does not have to go much farther.

Access Tab

Only contacts which have been saved to the directory can be given access, if the user wants to give this contact access without having to save the contact and edit the user can click the Save and Create Login User button.

This will take the user to the User/New User tab, the contact must have an email address by this point.  The contact's email address will become their username.  For more information about giving contacts access to TBCM please click here.


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