Granting contact people from your company directory to your TriBuild site is a big responsibility.  There are many different types of accesses to TriBuild, and users can be given access to multiple permissions so they can have access to all of the functions they will be needing.

How to Grant a user access

Access can be given to existing contacts, or new contacts that are being added to the company directory.


If you are logged into TriBuild now - click this link to take a live tour and save reading the rest of the article.

Access Tab

If the user is new/existing the user must select the Access Tab, the user will state the Save and Create Login User button.

This will take the user to the Users/New User window.  There are 3 tabs Profile/Login, User Roles, and Address.

Profile/Login Tab

  • Login Email Address - This is a required field, but defaults to the email address enter for this contact.  All TriBuild users must have email addresses.
  • First Name - Defaults from the contacts details.
  • Last name - Defaults from the contacts details.
  • Password & Password Confirmation - Is required information, but the user giving access must enter in this information.  This contact will be able to reset their password from the login screen.
  • Active - Is a required check box; if not selected this contact will be considered inactive and not able to log into the system.
  • Hide from Lower Roles - If the company is a multi tier setup this contact can be hidden from users with lower access level.
  • Send email from User email Address - USE WITH CAUTION! You must use an SPF record allowing email to be sent from tribuildprojects.com on your domain to prevent sent email from being tagged as spam.  Click here to read more.

User Roles Tab

The + icon to the left of each line item gives an explanation of the modules and what they can do in each module.  To select a permission level use the drop down menu to the right of each line item.  Some of the permissions are only granted per project, in the drop down menu all projects the contact is going to have access to must be selected.  To read more about the access level and what a user can do click here.


The address tab will display the contact address information created earlier; if the contact is an employee, select the User is Employee box and in the drop down menu select the company/branch they belong to.

Once the user has entered in as much information, or given as much access as they wanted.  The user must select the Save User button in the lower right hand corner.  If the user does not; none of the changes made will be saved.

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