The companies in the Address Book are organized by categories called Company Groups and Subgroups.  The categorization of companies is important in TriBuild CM because it helps define what types of companies are visible in menus throughout the TBCM system.  Company Groups and Subgroups can be managed in the Admin Settings.

Company Groups

Company Groups are categories that help define what type of company is being added to the Address Book. Groups can't be added, changed or deleted.  There are 9 Company Groups.

  • Architect
  • Developer
  • Owner
  • Engineer
  • General Contractor
  • Subcontractor
  • Vendor
  • Associate
  • Staff

Company Subgroups

Subgroups provide the ability to customize the Address Book to meet the needs of each TriBuild CM client.

  • Each Group can have an unlimited number of Subgroups.
  • Each Group has a default subgroup called "General". The default subgroup cannot be deleted.
  • Subgroups can be edited.*
  • Subgroups not associated to companies can be deleted*.
  • Subgroups associated to companies cannot be deleted.
  • The default subgroup "General" can't be edited or deleted.
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