Before setting up a new project, it's important to understand what the Project Types or Project Phases mean in the system as this is the first decision to make when setting up a project.


Define project types in the TriBuild Construction Management system.

Remember This!

A user must have permission to add/edit project.

Understanding Project Types (phases)

There are two types, or phases, of projects:

Preconstruction Projects

A Preconstruction project is a project not yet awarded or under contract.  This includes projects in the bid, negotiation, design and/or budget phase.  They are not under contract and your company may or may not be awarded a contract for projects in this phase.

Construction Projects

These projects have been awarded to your company and you will have a contract with a client.

Selecting Project Type

A project can originate in the Preconstruction phase and then be moved into the Construction phase easily.  To do this, select the Add Project button on the left side menu:

Select the type of project to set up; Preconstruction (per-Award), or Construction (Awarded):

Selecting the Construction phase and importing a preconstruction project, will import all project data from the preconstruction phase to the new Construction project.

Once the project type is selected, you can continue setting up the project.

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