There are 2 task functions in TriBuild Construction Management:

  • General Tasks - which are located in the Site Navigation tool bar
  • Project Tasks - are located at the project level under the Documentation menu header in the left hand menu.

Tasks can be either company specific or project specific.  The template is the same no matter which function the user selects.  A general task can be made into a project task by just assigning it to a project in the template.  To create a new task the user must click on the Add Task button.

Task Template Overview:

Description of the fields on the task template:

  • Task Number - Is auto numbering but the user can change the numbering, the numbering system will keep that system until changed again.
  • Title - Is the name of the task, this will be displayed on the Task log screen
  • Related Project - this allows the user to assign a task in the General Task function to a project.  If a user is creating a task at the project level this field should default to that project name.  A user can change this field to assign the task to another project if need be.
  • Assign To/Assign to Project Member - is a drop down menu only displaying either contact names for project members, or employees.  This is depending on where you are creating the task and the Related Project Field.
  • Related Project Activities - This field is only available when the user has assigned the task to a project.  This is a multiple selection drop down menu.
  • Description - This text editor works just like Word; the user will be able to expand on the title of the task, add bullet points, creates charts, spell check, and etc....
  • Notify Author/Notify Assigned/Notify Others - Is an email function, all recipients/boxes selected will have the proper person emailed.
  • Dues Date/Due Time - Allows the user the ability to assign a date a time to the task.
  • Priority - The user can assign their own priority to the tasks from a predefined list.
  • Status - The user can assign their own status to the tasks from a predefined list.
  • Attachments - Allows the user to upload any type of file they want.  All files will appear as a link in the emailed task.  The recipients due not require access to TriBuild to view/download files emailed to them.

When completed with the task template click the Save button in the lower left

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