How to add items to the Activity Log; from the activity log a user can either add spec sections/items from either the global activities list, or manual entry.  The Activity Log can be setup as complex or as simple as the user wants.

The Add Line Item button allows a user to add an item in to the log without assigning it to a group.

or they can be added to exsiting groups.

Add Grouping allows users organize their activities log in different groups/sections either based upon specifications, phases, or anything.  Selecting the Add Grouping button will have the following window appear:

  • Division - is a drop down menu linked to the Master Activity list, which a user can select from.
  • New Division Code/New Division Name - is a high level breakdown i.e. Finishes, this is an optional field.
  • New Section Code/New Section Name - is a middle level breakdown i.e Drywall, the New Section Name is a required field.

When completed click the Add Grouping button.

The Import From Company Activity button allows a user to add groups, sections, and items into the project level Activity Log from the Activities & Cost Codes company list.


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