Adding People to a Project

Adding people to projects allows for easier communication with those who are directly involved in the project.  Certain menus within a project, such as the RFI module, only displays project members.   

Before Getting Started:

  • Only users with Project or Company Manager roles can add people to a project.
  • Adding a person to a project does not make them a user.
  • Project Members can't log-in to TriBuild CM and view project information unless they are made a user.

How To Add People to an Existing Project

  • Select Project
  • Select  the team button from project menu

From the for screenshot below, note the following:

  1. Project Team members tab is located in the Project Setup section.
  2. Existing team members are located in left section
  3. People in the address book are located in the right section.
  4. Select the + icon next to the person's name to be added to project.
  5. Select - icon to remove someone from the project. 
  6. Be sure to select Finish to save the changes.  


  • Selected people are added to or removed from the project.
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