How to upload project specific documentation to TriBuild Construction Management

  • Adding files
  • Renaming files
  • Adding file descriptions
  • Deleting files


  • Users must have permission to manage files.  Permissions will vary depending on the role of user and permission level with the company and the project.
  • This tutorial will assume that the user has logged in and navigated to a section where a file upload exists.

Throughout TBCM is the ability to upload files.  This might be supporting documents to an RFI, uploading photos, add drawings, contract documents and more.  To attach supporting documents such as a video or an image, click “Attach File” and upload the necessary files.

Adding files

When you’re ready to attach files, select what you’d like to add attachments to and click the Add Files button.  PDFs, images, .XLS, .DOC, .ZIP, TXT and many other file types are acceptable for upload.



Select files to upload.  Hold the Shift key to select more than one file.  The file names are listed in the File name field.  When finished, select Open.



The files are uploaded to TriBuild CM.



Renaming Files

Once files are uploaded you can edit the file and you can rename it.  A renamed file will retain the same file type extension.  The file type will not change.

  • Select the action icon to the right of the file (looks like a gear icon)
  • Select edit function in the window


A new window opens.  Edit the file name and/or add a description.  Select Save Change to save and close the window.  Select Close without saving Changes.



Deleting Files

Files can be deleted one at a time or multiple files at one time.

  • Select the action icon to the right of the file
  • Select delete functionn in the window


  • Check the box to the right of the files you want to delete.
  • Select the Delete Selected button
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