RFI responses can either be recorded by the user, or by the contact person named in the To field of the original RFI document.  When the recipient in the TO field opens the email, they are asked if they want to 'View and Respond' to the RFI.  Their response will be tagged to the RFI once they click the Send Reply button.


This will pull up the response portion of the RFI document.  The Enter Response will be to the right of the original RFI document sent.

Where is the RFI module located

If the user wants to record a response to an RFI, they have navigate to the project in question and select the RFI module under the Documentation menu header in the left hand menu.

From the RFI log screen the user must select the Action icon to the right of the RFI they want to record a response.

In the Action popup window; select the Response/Comment function

There are two (@) tabs here:

  • Document Tab – Which displays the original RFI document created
  • Responses Tab – Which allows user the ability to record multiple responses

Overview of RFI Response template:

  • Responses - Will list all responses recorded either from internal people or the contacts the document was emailed to.  Each response will have a Date stamp, the name of the person who entered the response, the response itself, and any attachments they may have upload.
  • From - Will default to the contact who is entering the response.  
  • Response - is a simple text field which allows a user to copy/paste, or manually enter in a response.  The response has a date time stamp on it.
  • Attachments - allows both the recipient or the user to attach any type of files they want to back-up this response.

When finished the Send Reply button must be clicked in order to save any changes made.  All responses are recorded with the original document, but can only be viewed with the original document if the user selects the Print icon located in the upper right hand corner.

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