Each level must review, add information as necessary, and stamp that the submittal was examined and approved by that party.  After the submittal reaches the primary reviewer, it is returned through the same steps, which provides an opportunity for further comment and assures that each party is aware of the approval, partial approval, notes, or rejection.  This approval process is cumbersome and time-consuming.   

Typically, the architect will review the submittal for compliance to the requirement in the construction documents.  Revisions may be noted on the submittal. Colors and other selection items will be made by the architect during this review. Sometimes the architect will reject the entire submittal and other times will request resubmittal of some of the items.  The architect also will make corrections, which normally do not need to be resubmitted, but that do need to be applied to the product.  While the architect and engineers review products for performance and design intent, the contractor must review the product for preparation, quantity and installation requirements.

The contractor should manage the submittal process just like any other process in the construction cycle.  The submittal process requires lead-time consideration to produce the submittal, shop drawing (engineering), review and revise and the shop fabrication period.  Careful planning is necessary to ensure that the products are ordered and delivered within the construction schedule, so as not to delay any activities.  The contractor must prioritize the submittal process, submitting and obtaining approval for materials needed for the first part of the project.

Processing a Submittal to a Provider

To process a submittal back to a privider, the user must ensure the latest docuemnt in the submittal package has either been emailed or stored.  Draft documents cannot be processed.  Also the Active Status for the submittal package must state Open.  A Closed submittal package cannot be processed.

To the right of each submittal package, the user must clcik the Action Icon and select the Process function.

This will pull up another version of the submittal document within the submittal package.  There are 3 tabs Submittal Package, Items, and Attachments.

Submittal Package Tab

There's not much for the user to modify, alot of the fields will default to what was entered in the last submittal document in the package.

  • Submittal Number - Automatically reuses the original submittal number, the user can change the numbering system.
  • Provider - Defaults to the provider listed on the original document, the user can change this.
  • To - The user must select a contact from the Provider company, this will change the status of the submittal from In for Review to Reviewed.
  • From - Defaults from the original document.
  • Date & Due Date - Will default to today's date and 7 seven days from today's date.
  • Submittal Type & Active Status - Will still have the same boxes checked.
  • Action Required - The user will need to select new check boxes.
  • Subject & Comments - These fields will default to what was entered in the last submittal document in this package.

Items Tab

  • Status - Allows the user to apply a status from a predefined list, this will have to be applied to each line item.   If the line items are all the same status, the user can select from the Bulk Update Statuses drop down menu
  • Comments - Allows the user to apply individual comment to line items if needed.  These comments are displayed on the submittal cover page


Any attachments from previous submittal documents will not be available here, the user will have to upload new copies of the submittal complete with all architect/engineer stamps and comments.

  • Preview & Send - Allows the user one last look at the submittal document before it is emailed out.
  • Preview & Save - Allows the user one last look at the submittal document before it is stored.

Both buttons will lock down the document

  • Update Draft - will allow the user to save any work they have completed to this point, but allow them to come back to modify the document at a later date.

**Only submittal documents that are not in a draft state will reflect in the Activity log.  Draft documents will not change the Submittal Status or the Item Status columns.**

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