Where is the Submittal module?

The Submittal module is located under the Documentation menu header at the project level.

Creating Submittal Package 

Click the Create Submittal Package button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


There are 3 steps to create a submittal package:

  1. Submittal Package:  Enter the Submittal Package details (Tab 1)
  2. Items:  Add Items to the package (Tab 2). Items are added from the Activity Log or the Company Activity List
  3. Attachments:  Upload files that will be included with the package (Tab 3)


STEP 1 / Tab 1:  Enter general information about the submittal package

This is where general information is entered for creating the Submittal Package. 

  • Most of the information entered will display on the Submittal Transmittal, the Submittal Log and the Project Log. 
  • The dates entered will display on both the Submittal Log and the Project Log for tracking when responses are due and received.
  • The Submittal Log tracks the Submittal Package and the Submittal Items within the package.

Submittal Package Fields

Submittal Number -Is a required field - This number is editable.  The previous submittal number for the project is listed above the field for easy reference when entering the next submittal number.

Review Cycle - Auto-fill - A letter designation of where package is in the review process.  The cycle starts with the letter “A” and will change each time the submittal is processed and sent between Provider and Reviewer.

Date - Is a Required field - Editable date – designates when the package is created

Due Date - Editable date – automatically enters 7 days after the (create) Date

Provider - Is a required field - The company & related contact person who is providing the submittals data.

To - Is a required field - The company & related person who the submittal package is being sent to.

From - Is a required field - The Sender - company & related person sending the submittal package

CC - Companies and people who will be sent copies of the submittal package.

Submittal Type - Select one or more:  Product Data, Shop Drawings and Samples

Active Status - Creates a filter on Submittal Log.  Open will display on Submittal Log, closed will not.

Action Required - Select one or more for the actions required by the Sender of the Submittal Package

Subject - The subject line that is displayed on the Submittal Transmittal

Comments - Free forma text to add comments related to the Submittal Package

Statement - Checkbox field indicating the Sender has review the documents included in Package.

Tab 2 - Submittal Items

The Items tab is where items are added to the Submittal Package.  Up to this point only information about the package has been entered.  One or more items can be added to the Submittal Package.  Items can be added from the Project Log or from the Master Spec List.  If an item is added from the Master Spec List it will automatically be added to the Project Log.

To select an item, click on the + icon to the left of the spec section or on the item description.  The item will be added to the Submittal Package Items located beneath the List of Items.

STEP 3 Attachments (Figure 5)

Upload files for the Submittal Package on the Attachments tab.  Select the “Add File” button to browse the computer and select files to be uploaded.  Multiple files can be selected by holding the Ctrl key while making selections in a folder.  Files are uploaded to the TriBuild CM server when “Preview and Save” or “Update Draft” button is selected.  It may take a few moments for files to upload and save the Submittal Package.  A notification will be displayed upon completion.

Attachment Fields

Add Files - Browse and upload files to the server.

Preview and Send - Save package and preview the email and Submittal Transmittal to be sent.

Update Draft - Save Submittal Package as a draft that can be edited and return to Submittal Log

Submittal Log - Return to Submittal Log without saving Submittal Package

Cancel - Return to Submittal Log without saving Submittal Package.

Preview Submittal Package

Select Preview and Send to preview the email and the Submittal Transmittal before sending to recipient.  Select the Email tab or the Submittal Transmittal tab to view the documents before sending.

  • Send Submittal:  Sends email to recipient and return to Submittal Log.
  • Edit:  Continue to edit the document before sending.
  • Submittal Log:  Save Submittal Package without sending email and return to Submittal Log

 Submittal Transmittal


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