Track the entire submittal workflow in TriBuild CM.  From receiving information from vendors and subcontractors through the approval process with the general contractor, engineer, architect and owner.  Product data, shop drawings and samples can be managed in order to comply with the project specifications and requirements.


Create and process a submittals in the TBCM Submittal module.

Things to Remember:

  • User must have permission to add/edit Address Book, Project Team Members, Project Log and Submittals
  • Access: Access to the Submittal module is at the Project/Construction level.

Terms Related to Submittals:

  • Submittal Package:  A collection of one or more submittal items created for review and approval.
  • Submittal Items:  Individual items that are added to a submittal package.
  • Provider:  Company providing product data, shop drawings & samples for materials or equipment submitted.
  • Reviewer:  Company(s) reviewing and/or approving the submittals
  • Submittal Package Status:  The status of the entire submittal package:  “Draft” – submittal package has been created but not sent and is editable  “In for Review” – submittal package has been sent to the reviewer, is not editable  “Reviewed” – submittal package has been reviewed and sent back to the Provider, is not editable
  • Review Cycle:  Auto-defined letter designation indicating where the submittal package is in the review process.


A = In for Review
B = Reviewed
C = In for Review
D = Reviewed
E = In for Review
F = Reviewed, etc.

Submittal Transmittal:  Document created that is sent (emailed) or printed detailing the submittal package data.

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