Not all correspondence documentation is a one off where a user just creates a document and no other chatter is had about the subject. In most cases responses to documents sent can come in multiple forms such as replies to emails, conversations over the phone or face to face. TriBuild CM allows user the ability to record as many responses as needed.

How to Record a Response/Comments

To record a response and/or comment to a correspondence the document must be in a locked stated (either emailed or stored).  The must select the action icon located to the right of the document they want to record a respond to.


Select the response/Comment option is the popup window.

  • From - Will always default to the addressed on the original document, but the user can select the  (other - on behalf of recipient): option, and write in the contact's name.
  • Response - Is a simple text editor with it's own date/time stamp.
  • Attachments - allows either the user or the recipient to upload documentation.


Once completed, the user selects the Send Reply button; this will upload the response to the proper correspondence.  The response can be reviewed by selecting the View option in the popup window of the action icon, or by clicking on the document number in the Correspondence Log.

All responses are displayed at the bottom of the document, and they are marked by a date time stamp.  any files which were uploaded during the time of the response are displayed to the right of each response.


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