Linking a TriBuild Construction Management project to a Procore project enables the ability to push an RFI from TriBuild CM directly into Procore.  Any responses received for this RFI in Procore is pushed back to TBCM.  This integration eliminates the need to double-enter data into another contractor's project management system and TriBuild CM.

How to Link a TBCM Project to Procore:

The user must navigate to the Request for Information (RFI) module located at the project level, under the Documentation menu header.

The Procore logo is located in the upper right hand corner of the RFI module.

To link the TriBuild CM project to a project in Procore, the user needs to click the Procore logo and select the 'link Procore Project' option.

The user must select the 'Sign Up with Procore' button.

This will navigate the user to the Procore login page; the user must have a password for Procore (Note: The user's login for TriBuild CM will not work to access Procore).

To link a project in TBCM to Procore the user must select the corresponding project from the Procore project list.

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