Where are the Budget module and Budget Segments?

The budget module is located under the Financial menu header, at the project level.  The user must select the project in question, and from the left hand menu select the Budget module.

This will pull up the budget log screen.  If this is a new project; the screen will display:

  1. The Budget Status - Gives the user details about the project overall.
  2. Edit Segments and Activities - The user must define the segments and/or phases of the project.


Creating Budget Segments:

The user must select the Edit Segments and Activities button (in the upper right hand corner).  The user needs to define at least 1 segment or phase for the project, to do this the user click the Action icon to the right of the project name, and click the Add Segment function in the popup window.

The Add Segment window will appear:

  • Segment Code - Is an optional field which allows the user the ability to apply a numbering system to the segments.
  • Segment Name - Is required; the user must define a name for the segment.
  • Description - Is an optional field where the user can enter in moredetailed information.

When the user has completed populating as much information as needed, they must click the Save Changes button in the lower right hand corner. 

Applying Costcodes

The BudgetSegments and Activities screen will refresh and display the new segment/phase created.  To apply costcodes to a segment, the user must select the name of the segment.

The window on the right hand side will populate with all of the Activities/Cost-codes from the company's master Activity and Cost-codes list.

  • Segments/Phase 1 - The user is to select all Activities to be applied to this segment.
  • Copy Activities from Segment - If the user wants to copy these activities and apply them to another segment.
  • Save Selected Codes - Is used to save the selected activities to the segment.

When the user has selected all cost-codes for the segments click the Finish button.  All activities which has Cost-codes applied to them in the master list will be displayed.  

These cost codes are ready to have either dollar amounts or labor hours and rates applied to calculate the actual cost of the project.

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