When creating a contract the user must have all contractual documents available.  What are contract documents? 

Contract documents

The documents that a contract comprises of include plans and/or drawings, specifications, all addenda, modifications and changes, together with any other items stipulated as being specifically included.

Contracts location

The Contracts module is located at the project level under the Financial menu header.  

The Contracts log screen is broken down into 2 sections:

  1. The Original Contract
  2. Contract Revisions

To create a contract from the client, the User must click on the Action icon and select the add contract option in the window.

The contracts template will appear.  The user should fill in as much information as possible, the contract document is editable, and a user can come back at anytime to make modifications if needed.

  • Our Contract Number - Is the number your office may assign to the project.
  • Client - Is a list of a companies that are currently in the Directory module.
  • Contract Received - Is the date the contract was received by the user.
  • Client Contract Number - Is the number actual listed on the contract documents received from the client.
  • Contract Type - Is a predefined list (see Contract Overview for definitions).  The User can add to this list by selecting the + symbol.
  • Contract Returned - Is the date the contract is signed and returned to the client
  • Base Contract Amount - Is the contract value before any alternates have been calculated.
  • Contract Roles - Is a predefined list.  The User can add to this list by selecting the + symbol.
  • Retainage % - Is the percent which will be carried in the Billing module.  If no amount is defined here than the user must define it in the Billing module.
  • Alternates - Is an itemized list of the additions and deducts spelled out in the contract documents.  If there are multiple alternate line items needed click the Add Alternates button in the lower left hand corner.

The Base Contract Amount + Accepted Alt Total = Total Original Contract Amount.  The Total Original Contract Amount must be the true value of the project, because this amount of money is carried over to the Change Management, Billing, & Budget modules.

  • Scope of Inclusions/Scope of Exclusions - Are the actual inclusions and exclusions spelled out in the contractual documents.
  • Contract Repository Documents - Is an Add View files function which allows the user the ability to attach any documentation.

When finished the user clicks the Submit button to save the Contract template.  The Contract is in a state of draft, so if the user completed a certain amount of information, the user can always come back to finish the template at a later date.

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