How to change an Opportunity project into an Active project

Eventually opportunity projects (bid phase jobs) may turn into an Active project (contract phase jobs).  Here are the steps to change an Opportunity project to a Active project:

From the Company level screen

  • Click the Add Project button

How to change an Opportunity project into an Active project 

  • On the Project Type tab select the  Construction (Awarded) option

You are going to be asked 'How will you create this project?' 

  • Select the 'I want to import this project from a preconstruction project.' option.  
  • In the drop down menu select the project you want to use.  A prompt window will appear at the top of the page, just click the OK button.


You will be taken to the details tab for the project; populate as much information as possible (i.e. Client and Project Team tabs), and click the Update button.

Once the user has populated as much information as they need to, click the Update button in the lower right hand corner.  The project will automatically move into the Active Projects list.


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