What are Field Reports?

A Field Report is a summary of hourly-daily-conditions and events at a work-site on every workday, prepared for the offsite project administrators.  An essential document in construction projects, there needs to be a record of the number of workers/employees and work equipment at the construction site, exact time the work began and ended, job progress, weather conditions, and accidents (if any).  On no-work days the report should state "No Work Today," and serves as an evidence in case of disputes.

Where do I find Field reports?

Field Reports are located at the project level.  The user must select a project and navigate to the Field Reports module in the left hand menu.

Field Reporting has a sub-menu:

  • Multi-Day Report - Allows a user to generate a report which covers multiple days, and a collection of all Delay, Issue and Field Reports
  • Master Report - The Master Daily Report compiles Field Reports, Delays and Issues entered for the day to create a detailed report of activity for the day.  A summary can also be entered to the Master Daily Report
  • Delays - Allows the user to log any delay which occurs on the project, only one delay per template. 
  • Issues - Allows the user to log any site issue which occurs on the project, only one issue per template. 
  • Field Reports - Allows the user to log all daily which occurs on the project. 



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