Tracking and recording change and delay events effectively is critical to every project. Every delay costs companies and parties serious time and money.  Change events can also fall unfairly on you or other parties if the evidence to support a claim isn't clear, documented, or sign-off properly.

Where are Delay Reports Located

The Delay report module is located at the project level, under the Field Reports sub menu.

Overview Of the Delay Log

The Delay Log with appear in the work space.  Here's a run-down of the functions:

  1. Add Delay button - Allows the user to create a delay record using the Delay Template
  2. + - To the left of each line item.  Allows the user to get a overview of the delay without having to open the document.
  3. Action Icon - Looks like a gear; allows a user access to additional functions
  • View Delay - Allows the user to view the Delay documentEdit Delay - Allows the user to make changes to draft Delay documents.  If the Delay has been emailed the original document is locked down and cannot be edited.Delete Delay - Allows the user to delete draft copies of the delay document. 

The Delay Template Overview

When the user clicks the Add Delay button, this will launch the Delay Template.  Here's an explanation of the fields:

  • Delay Number - Is an auto-numbering field; it starts at DLY-001 but a user can change the numbering system, the numbering system while only be changed for this project.
  • Author - Defaults to the logged in user, and cannot be changed.
  • Delay Date - Will default to the date of creation, but can be back dated if needed.
  • Length of Delay - Is a manual entry field, but with a drop down menu.  The field is define the over all length of the delay (i.e. minutes, hours, workdays, or workweeks).
  • Related Project Activity - Allows the user to assign the Delay document to an item in the Activity Log.
  • Location/Drawing - Are manual entry fields which the user can populate if needed.
  • Summary - Is the subject line of the document, and is displayed on the Delay Log screen.
  • Cause of the Delay - Is a brief explanation of the delay
  • Attachments - Allows the user to attach any type of documentation they need to (i.e. photos, videos, etc).
  • Notifications - Allows the user to email other contacts 
  • Description/Recovery Plan - Are designed for more detailed entry, these text editors work just like Word.  the user has access to spell check, bold, italic, underline, etc.
  • Save, Preview and Send - Is the email process; the user can review the document and email it out.  This process will lock the document, it can never be edited once sent.
  • Save - Allows the user to save the document as a draft copy to come back at a later date to modify.
  • Cancels - Will delete all information created, that was not previously saved.

The Delay document is only a portion of the Daily Report document, each delay on a project must have a separate delay document created for it.  All of these delay documents will appear as part of the Master Report, and will also appear in the Multi-Day Report.

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