What are Bid Invitations

An invitation to bid, also called an invitation for bid or sealed bid, is a call to contractors to submit a proposal on a project for a specific product or service. 

Where is this located?

Bid Invitations, or invitation to bid (ITB), documents are located at the project level of those jobs which are in the Bid Phase.

The Bid Invitation Log

The bid invitation log screen displays all of the invitation to bid (ITB) documents in a chronological order, the oldest document on top.  The 'Add Bid Invitation' button allows the user to create a new document.

The action icon located to the right of each document gives the user access to more functions to mangae the documents.

The Invitation To Bid Template - Details Tab

  • ITB Number - Is an auto-generated field, but the user can define the numbering system for this project.
  • To - Is a multi select field were the user can send one ITB document to many people.
  • From - Defaults to the person logged in.
  • Subject - Allows the user to define what the document is about.
  • Date - Defaults to the date of creation.
  • Preview Date/Time - Allows the user the ability to schedule a viewing time.
  • Response Due Date/Time - Allows the user to set the response required by date and time.
  • Location - Where the plans and spec are to be viewed.
  • Preview Attendence Required - Is a simple radial button for Yes or No.
  • Specification - Allows the user the ability to assign the document to specifications in the Activity Log.
  • Description - Allows the user to enter in more detailed information.
  • Attachments - Allows the user to add files to the document, these files will appear as links inside the document.

When the user has completed with the details tab, click the Next: Add Terms button (or click on the Terms and Conditions tab).

The Invitation To Bid Template - Terms & Conditions Tab

There are 2 predefined terms and conditions with one blank space by default.  The user has the ability to add more line items by selecting the Add Term and Condition button.  This will provide the user with more space to enter in company specific legael terms on the document.

When finished the user can either selct the Next: Edit Document button or the Document tab at the top.

The Invitation To Bid Template - Document Tab

The Document tab is a predefined document; anything in a yellow highlighted field is populated from the ITB tab.  If the user has already created a customer template (in the Manage Template function), they select change the document layout by selecting the Choose Template button.

When finished reviewing the document the user must selct either the 

  • Preview and Send - allows the user one last time to preview the document before sending to all selected contacts in the To field.


  • Save Draft - Allows the user to save the document as a rough copy, so they can come back at a later date to modify the document.

Draft documents are not considered complete, if they are not emailed they will be be locked down.

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