Rarely does a project up for Bidding stay the course with the original documents without changes, these changes are called 'Addendums'.  Addendums document information attached or added to clarify, modify, or support the information in the original document or written scope of work.  In the construction industry, for example, an addendum issued by a client during the bidding process becomes part of the contract documents when the contract is awarded.

Where is a Bid Revision Document Located?

Bid Revision documents are generated when a user needs to notify Vendors and Subcontractors of changes to the original bid documents.  Bid Revision documents are located at the project level in the Bid Invitation module:

To pull up a Bid Revision document the user must select the 'add bid revision' button located in the upper right hand corner.


Bid Revision Template Explained

BRN Information Tab:

  • ITB Number - Is a required field; links the original Invitation To Bid document to the Bid Revision Notice.
  • Date - Always default to today's date.
  • Activity Log Items - Allows the user to link line items in the activity log to the BRN document.
  • BRN Number - Is a required field and auto populates, by can be user definable.  Once a user fills in the ITB Number field it should default to BRN001.
  • To - Is a required field and defaults to the original list of contacts from the associated Bid Invitation.  The user can add new contacts on the fly.
  • From - Is a required field; the user must select who this document is from.
  • Subject - Is a required field; the user must enter in a a subject for the document.
  • Description - The description field works just like Word; the user can enter in a message they want the recipients to view.

The user can either click the 'Next: Add Terms' button located in the lower right hand corner, or select the Terms and Conditions tab to move on to the next step.

Bid Revision Template Explained cont'd

Terms and Condition Tab:

  • Select the Terms and Conditions for this Bid Invitation - The first 2 lines are predefined to be selected, but the user can change this on a document by document basis.  the user can also add custom terms and conditions on a document by document basis by clicking the 'add term and condition' button.

The user can select either the Next: Edit Document button in the lower right hand corner, or click the Document tab at the top.

Bid Revision Template Explained cont'd

Document Tab:

Is an over view of what was created, and allows the user to select a custom verbiage template by clicking the Choose Template button.  A user is able to manually manipulate the default document to add in custom verbiage on the fly.

When completed the user can select either the Preview and Send or the Save Draft buttons located at the bottom right hand corner.  Draft documents are not considered completed, and will remain in a draft form until the user emails the document.

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